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24 años experiencia asesor en exportaciones

Since 2001, we were created with the aim of supporting Mexican companies and entrepreneurs who wish to export.

In 1996 the great dream began, Pedro Pierdant de la Mora published his first book, Practically How to Export. Since that day, his passion has been to develop exporting companies and accompany them throughout the process of change necessary to make the adaptations required by international markets to their products.

With more than 24 years of experience, Pedro Pierdant de la Mora tells you how to achieve your goal of being an exporter. Start working with you on How to Develop an Export Plan, and how to make adjustments, and changes until you successfully achieve that your products become leaders with quality and export certifications.


We listen to our clients, we become familiar with their products, processes, and we propose the necessary actions to move forward.

We review each stage of the export process to have solid bases for promotion and customer prospecting.

Likewise, we adhere to the safety regulations, controls and labeling by country

What is what we do? We turn dreams of an entrepreneur into reality, we transform ideas and enjoy the present.


What is our work process? We start with an Export Diagnosis, which allows us to know in detail the situation of each of the stages in which the product is, be it development, regulations, processes, procedures, adaptations to new markets, or promotion, among others.

Once the work needs have been identified, we prepare an Export Plan and focus on working hand in hand with our clients so that in the shortest possible time they are able to export.

International trade consulting

We evaluate the stage of each of the processes involved in exporting: logistics, storage, distribution, contracts, and intellectual property. We propose the necessary adjustments and draw up a professional action plan. The objective is to be prepared so that the entire export process flows correctly.

International Promotion

Based on the result of the Export Diagnosis that was implemented, we elaborated an international promotion plan adapted to the product, target market, and market segmentation. Said plan becomes the axis of promotional activities carried out by the company, establishing goals and dates.


Congratulations. Very soon you will be exporting.


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